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To get a quick pricing for your PCB needs. Click Instant Quote
Step 1: How to register.

Click “PCB Instant Quote“, fill in the PCB specifications (such as PCB dimensions, PCB quantities, layers and thickness etc.) that you required and click “Quote now”. Then you will get the price of your PCB cost. And by choose the shipping method and the shipping country, you will also get the shipping fee.

Step 2: Upload Gerber or Eagle file.

Although RS247-X format Gerber data is our standard manufacturing data, we also accept Eagle format design files. Please note we will convert your Eagle file to Gerber data and then ask for your confirmation before put the job into PCB production line.

Step3: Order review.

After you uploaded the Gerber or Eagle file, our engineer will review the order ASAP. If any issues were found, we will contact you by email or online chat. Please make sure the email address you filled on our website is valid..

Step4: How to pay.

Once the PCB order pass our audit, then you can choose the shipping method and make the payment online by PayPal or choose the other payment methods (We also accept bank transfer, Aliexpress pay, western union and so on. Please contact us for the details if you choose these payment methods). Before paying, please confirm your shipping address is correct and accurate, especially the city name and the corresponding post code.

Step5: PCB Fabrication.

The PCB fabrication job will be started immediately once the payment is received. You can check the manufacture process on the production status at our website.


Once the parcel shipped out, the tracking number will be shown on our website and you can click it to track the parcel.

Please note the customs tax fees is different in different countries, before shipping you may consult with your local DHL company or customs office to check the detailed information. And please note the order will be declared as real value or customer requirement, please let us know once after placing order (you can change the declared value once you make the payment), or any import duties occur are on buyers’ account

Finally, if you still have problem with the order process, please feel free to contact us by online chat or by email: or by Skype:, we will reply you as soon as possible. We hope to make our ordering procedure as simple and flexible as possible.

How to Re-order in PCBGOGO?

1. Why do you need to re-order?
As we know, different engineers will deal with PCB file in different way so that some details of your new PCB orders will be different. If you want to order the same boards as the samples which you placed in PCBGOGO, you need re-order it instead of place new order. So that your order will be dealt with by the same engineer as your sample order and it will be same as your sample.

2. How to reorder in PCBGOGO?
If you need to reorder the boards which you have sample order from PCBGOGO, you only do the steps below. Make sure there is no any change in design of your new order and it is same as Previous orders.
Firstly, you log in your account in PCBGOGO website.
Secondly, you could click the “completed”

Thirdly, you could see there are previous completed orders. You could click the “Continue buying”

Then you need to confirm the Gerber file, quantity, delivery method as follow and submit.

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