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Advanced PCB Manufacturing

Advanced High-quality PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

No.ItemProcess capability parameter
1Base materialFR-4|High Tg|Halogen-free|PTFE|Ceramic PCB|Polyimide
3Max layer count40 layers
4Min base copper thickness1/3 OZ (12um)
5Max finished copper thickness6 OZ
6Min trace width/spacingInner layerPart 2 / 2mil, overall 3 / 3mil (H/H OZ base copper)
7Outer layerPart 2.5/2.5mil, overall 3 / 3mil(H/H OZ base copper)
8Min spacing between hole to inner layer conductor6mil
9Min spacing between hole to outer layer conductor6mil
10Min annular ring for via3mil
11Min annular ring for component hole5mil
12Min BGA diameter8mil
13Min BGA pitch0.4mm
14Min hole size0.15mm(CNC)|0.1mm(Laser)
15Max aspect ratios20:1
16Min soldermask bridge width3mil
17Soldermask/circuit processing methodFilm|LDI
18Min thickness for insulating layer2mil
19HDI & special type PCBHDI(1-3 steps)|R-FPC(2-16 layers)|High frequency mix-pressing (2-14 layers)|Buried capacitance & resistance ……
20Surface Finish typeENIG|HAL|HAL lead free|OSP|Immersion Sn|Immersion silver|Plating hard gold|Plating silver
21Max PCB size609*889mm

Advanced PCB High Performance Materials

ItemsPCB Prototype capacity (area < 1m2;)Small and medium batch (area > 1m2)
MaterialGeneral Tg FR4shengyi S1141, Kingboard KB6160Ashengyi S1141
High-Tg Halogen-freeshengyi S1170G Halogen-free TG170,TU-862 HF TG170 shengyi S1170G Halogen-free TG170 ,TU-862 HF TG170 
Medium Tg Halogen-freeshengyi S1150G Halogen-free TG150shengyi S1150G Halogen-free TG150
High Halogen-free CTIshengyi S1151G( CTI&ge;600V)shengyi S1151G( CTI&ge;600V)
High CTIshengyi S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160Cshengyi S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160C
Special Material(High low temperature)shengyi SH260shengyi SH260
High Tg FR4S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180AS1000-2, S1000-2M,IT180A
Ceramic powder filled high frequencyRogers4003, Rogers4350, Arlon25N, shengyi S7136Rogers4350, Rogers4003, shengyi S7136
PTFE high frequency material:Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Taizhou wanglingRogers, Taconic, Arlon, Taizhou wangling
High Frequency PCB PPRO4450 0.1mm, shengyi Synamic6RO4450 0.1mm, shengyi s6
High Speed( 1-5G)MEG4,Tu-862,Tu-662, Tu-768, S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406,EMC TW -EM370,EM828G IT170GRANP175FM(Nanya)MEG4, Tu-862, Tu-662, Tu-768, S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406, EMC TW -EM370, EM828GIT170GRA, NP175FM(Nanya)
High Speed( 5-10G)MEG4,Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free), Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958GMEG4, Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free), Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958G
High Speed( 10-25G)MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW),EM-888K, IT-968, I-Tera MT40(Isola)MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW), EM-888K, IT-968 I-Tera MT40(Isola)
High Speed(>25G)MEG7, Tu-933, Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988, Tachyon 100G(Isola)MEG7, Tu-933,Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988 Tachyon 100G(Isola)
High Frequency PCB DK 2.2-2.25RO5880, TLY-5(Taconic) SCGA-500 GF220(shengyi), F4BK225/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.33RO5870, TLY-3(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.45TLX-0(Taconic), TLT-0(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.5-2.55AD250(Arlon), TLT-9(Taconic), TLY-9(Taconic); SCGA-500 GF255(shengyi), TLT-8(Taconic), TLY-8(Taconic), F4B255/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.6-2.65TLT-7(Taconic), TLY-7(Taconic); TLT-6(Taconic), TLY-6(Taconic), SCGA-500 GF265(shengyi), F4B265/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.7-2.75AD270(Arlon); TLC-27(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.92-2.94RO6002, CLTE( Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.95AD295(Arlon), TLE-95(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.0SCGA-500 GF300(AR-320(Arlon), (Taconic), TLC-30(Taconic), RO3203, F4BK300/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.2-3.28AD320(Arlon), AR-320(Arlon), TLC-32(Taconic);TMM-3( Rogers);25N(Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.37-3.3825FR(Arlon), Ro4003/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.48-3.5RO4350, RO4835, AR-350(Arlon), RF-35(Taconic), F4BK350/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.6AD360(Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 4.5AR-450(Arlon), TMM-4( Rogers)/
High Frequency PCB DK 6.0AR-600(Arlon), TMM-6( Rogers)/
High Frequency PCB DK 6.15RO3006, RO6006, RO4360/
High Frequency PCB DK 9.2-9.8TMM-10( Rogers), TMM-101( Rogers)/
High Frequency PCB DK 10.0-10.2AR-1000(Arlon), CER-10(Taconic), RO3010, RO3210, RO6010/

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