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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services now offers PCBA services for our PCB customers.
Just like PCB business, our PCBA services also specialize in prototyping and small-volume production, making the one-stop destination of boards fabrication and assembly. This arrangement makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. Our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you through our customer service people to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time. Fulfilling hundreds of orders daily from around the world, we have established us as the leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services for our consistent quality and excellent services.
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PCB Assembly
As a full-service PCB solutions provider, PCBGOGO can cover all your PCB requirements from custom fabrication, parts sourcing, high-quality PCB assembly, along with comprehensive quality assurance checks during every project phase from prototype, low-to-middle-volume to high-volume. By choosing us for your PC board assembly projects, you won't have to worry about the disconnection that occurs all too frequently between the fabrication and assembly steps. Instead, you will experience lower overall PCB costs and increase the likelihood of meeting project deadlines, while also being able to focus more of your time and energy on the PCB design. With our flexible volume assembly alternatives, you can adjust your projects in time to be compatible with ever-changing needs of market.
We offer 5 PCBA options:
    Prototype PCB Assembly
    Low-Volume, High Mix PCB Assembly
    High Volume PCB Assembly
    Consigned & Partial PCB Assembly
    Full Turnkey PCB Assembly
While many PCB Houses claim to offer superior PCB assembly services, PCBGOGO actually delivers on what we promise. Our turnkey or consigned printed circuit board assembly service is ISO ISO90001:2008-certified and RoHS compliant. We handle SMD, through-hole and mixed assembly projects, and also offer free DFM checks along with function testing based on your specific requirements. Even better, there are no minimum cost requirements to meet, and we never tack on an additional tooling charge for reorders. Our assembly capabilities are listed in the table below:
Features PCBA Capabilities
Order Quantity MOQ is 5pcs.
Build Time 3 -4days normally for sample PCBA orders. We will give you accurate
lead time when we quote for you.
PCB Spec.
Max board size: 500 X 400mm
Board Type: Rigid PCBs, Metal core PCBs
Surface finish: lead/lead-free HASL, Immersion Gold
Assembly Types Surface mount
Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
Parts Source Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey
Component types BGA 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing
Passive Components
Hard metric connectors
Cable & wire
SMT Parts
Cut tape
Partial reel
Laser-cut stainless steel
Stencils Stencil with or without frame
After-sale Service Repair and rework service will be offered if it is defective or damaged on delivery process.
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